Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Update

Well I know it's been awhile again. Sorry.

Any ways, in my last post I mentioned I would be dancing to Gee by Girls Generation but it got changed and we are now doing Nobody by Wonder Girls
Wo we will have practice on sunday for the new song!

I don't think much has really happened since my last update. Last week sometime I went to eat with some friends at this little gyoza(dumplings) shop that was in some lady's house.  When we go there she was closing but she recognized one of our friends that has been there before and let us in.  For 550 yen ($6)  we got a set which was 8 gyoza, miso soup, and rice.  

She was so thankful that more and more APU students were coming and she was getting more she also gave us some free food. We each got 8 more gyoza, chips, dango (flour, dough desert thingy) for free!! Her 7 year old son came out of the house and at first was very shy and would hide when ever we looked at him, but finally he got up the courage and talked a little to us.  I told him my name and he asked where I was from and I told him America. He was very shy and adorable. 

Two types of dango.

After wards we went to karaoke and sang for a about 2 hours, it was fun but  a little rushed because we had to make it to the bus stop before the last bus left for APU.

Last week I cooked with some of my friends in a different building. One is a full time student here who is American, one is Korean and one Japanese! it was good food! My korean friend Angelina and korean curry so she made that for us and it was good!

I also had dinner with some other korean friends some time last week and they made this delicious soup that was kinda spicy!! I liked it so much that I tried making it the other night and actually succeeded. It wasn't as good as theirs but it was still delicious!

Last weekend I went to Oita with some friends and Josh and I got our hair cut. It was a little difficult telling them what I wanted since they didn't speak english and I only speak a little japanese, but some how I got the point across. Josh doesn't speak any Japanese so I tried explaining to them what he wanted and it came out good. The only thing that came out a little different was the length of my hair and color. When she originally cut it it was the right length but then she kept trimming it and it got shorter and shorter. Also the color I chose ended up being lighter and browner then I thought, but its growing on me and everyone says it looks good. 
At the hair salon they gave us coffee, candy and a shoulder  massage, it was awesome. I would go back there again because I really like how they did my hair. 
Funny thing was they kept asking me if I wanted to get my hair permed again and I kept telling them I didn't have a perm then tried saying in English "Its natural", they didn't understand. After she cut my hair she told me oh your perm is mostly gone now haha.
and after.
They curled my hair because they thought i had a perm but I straighten it everyday (looks better that way)

After getting our hair done we went to eat at the same place we went to last time which we now dubbed "That Place". I got a fried chicken set but its not like fried chicken back home, its different, not as bad for you haha. 

Yesterday was my friend Annas, from Sweden, 25 birthday so we went downtown and had okonomiyaki for dinner. It was delicious!!!!!!!

Birthday girl!
Carlos flipping the okonomiyaki.

My piece with the sauce on top.

We ordered 4 of these and  split them between the 8 of us. We had to chocolate and two coffee. We thought the ice cream would be coffee flavored but no.... on the bottom there were these jello like pieces that tasted like coffee, it was weird. 

Ok thats really it guys.
If anyone is reading this please leave a comment, you don't have to be a member to do so. But if no one is reading this then I'm going to stop because it's for you guys not me!!

Ok  till next time.

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  1. I'm enjoying your blog Stephi. I'll send you an update on my travels as soon as I find time.