Monday, March 29, 2010

First Day

Hi everyone! 
I am officially in Japan now.  I got here last night after about 26ish hours of traveling. The dorms aren't bad, i have a  roommate but we can close a door between us and have our own room. Her name is Risa. Met some other cool people too. 
This morning i got ready and then went on a shopping tour of Beppu with other students and Michelle, thats where I made some friends. After shopping for a few hours we came back then went to dinner in the cafeteria. I had Gyuniku-udon, which is noodles(udon) and beef in a broth. Udon is only one type of noodle they also have soba and ramen. I just got done with dinner and now in 10 min there is a welcome party for new international students!!!!!!
Beppu was very pretty but I didnt take many pictures today because we were in a rush. But I will upload some pictures when I get back from the party!


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