Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First day of Classes

First off let me explain how my school here works. They are quarter based, not semester. So there is 2 quarters to our 1 semester. Also most of their classes are offered only 1 or 2 times for every 2 quarters. They also have a set schedule like in high school, 1st period, 2nd etc. up until 6th period. Each period is 1 1/2 hours and there is a 15 min break between each one. And on wednesday there are no classes after either 2nd or 3rd period. How we usually do MW together or T TH, here they to MTH, TF, or W. On top of that the language class is 4 days a week, not wed, but on MTH its a different period then TF. haha I know a lot to keep up with.  

Anyways, yesterday was my first day and the classes do not seem bad so far. Yesterday I didn't start class until 3rd period which starts at 1225 and goes until 2. They I had 4th free then had a 5th and 6th period, which means i was in class until 730. 

My 3rd period class was japanese. My teacher is very nice unless you're late, then she's not so nice. Late to her is one second past the time class starts. Literally someone was 37 seconds late and she marked them absent, because if you're late she marks you absent!!! 

My 5th period class is Tea Ceremony. It seems like it will be lots of fun since I get to have a sweet and tea everyday I have class. But there are also a lot of little details you need to remember. For example, when kneeling your knees need to be 16 lines back from the front of the tatami matt (tatami matt is made of bamboo i think and its a traditional japanese thing and you're not allowed to wear shoes on them). Also you need to have your knees a certain distance apart. When drinking the tea you have to pick it up, hold it, turn it, drink it and look at it a certain way. If you don't do it right its very rude. So its not as easy as it sounds, but its not going to be too bad I hope too.

My 6th period was Development Economics. It seems like it will be interesting, hopefully. My professor scared me pretty bad though. he told us we had a 15-20 page paper due next month. Then he went on to explain that it was 15-20 pgs per group so only 2-3 pgs a person. Thank god!

After class I just came back and made dinner with some friends and then worked on my japanese homework with some other friends. 

Today i only had one class, but its 1st period so 845-1020. At least its a language class and you are always doing exercises so it goes by fast. after wards michelle and i grabbed a bite to eat at the cafeteria and now im here writing this and doing wash. 
Don't really have any plans for tonight except to do my Japanese homework. 

Thats it for today. Nothing else really left to say : )


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