Sunday, April 11, 2010

Last Day of Freedom

Well first of all last night we really didn't end up doing anything last night. We just watched a movie called Smoking Aces 2... It was weird.

Today we had hanami which i guess is like a picnic in the park and you sit under the cherry blossom trees and eat and talk and admire them. well it was raining so we had it in doors haha. It was only for exchange students so there wasn't a lot of people. we played games from around the world and had a bento (prepared lunch box).
Some Japanese students giving a performance.

After wards a group of about 19, including the exchange student coordinator Funaki san came. We sang for 2 hours in one room and it only cost about $10!!!!! Funaki san has an amazing voice! I sang some songs, not very well. Funaki san paid for it too which was really nice of him.
Funaki san has been at APU for 10 years he actually graduated from here then worked here ever since. He is from Tonga. Tommorw he is getting promoted so he will no longer be in charge of us exchange students.
Some friends at karaoke.

Then afterwards we went to dinner at a place called Joyfull. Its a chain restaurant and it was delicious. I had something called cheese in hamburger. It was a hamburger with cheese in it, no bun, with a demi glaze (sp) sauce. It came with like 10 fries, rice, a lil salad and a soup, that i didn't eat.

Then I came back and there was a takoyaki party on my floor. Google it! But there was no octopus is this takoyaki. at first i didnt go so my roommate brought me a piece. Then about 5 min later a group of girls came and asked me to come so i went for about 10min.

Tomorrow I start classes and I took some interesting classes such as:
Japanese on M TH from 1225-2, T F 845-1020
Tea ceremony M TH 405-540
Developmental economics M TH 555-730
Multiculturalism and society W 845-1210

Im a little nervous i've forgotten how to go to class since I haven't been in class since mid december. Im also nervous about how long the classes are. Anyone who knows me knows how difficult it is for me to stay focused that long and not have to pee. haha maybe they will give a 10 min break?
Well im off to bed now so that i can have a good nights sleep!

Oyasuminasai (Goodnight)

Here is my address in case anyone loves me enough to send me something!!
ok my mom made me take it out so if you want it you can ask me for it. or if you want it to be a surprise ask michelle she can tell you.

ALSO: on facebook i am posting some pictures of what my dorm building and room look like tonight or tomorrow so keep an eye out for them!

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