Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fun Times

Ok so time to catch you guys up on what you've missed so far.

Well two days ago was the Japanese placement test. which was harder than i thought it would be. The first part was kanji (japanese characters). Out of the 20 they gave us I could write about 8ish of them and about 4 parts of others. haha Then was the essay which i would have to say didn't turn out to be an essay, unless you consider two sentences a essay. And the last part was grammar which i think i may have only gotten 2 wrong. It was easy.
After wards I had dinner with some friends then we came back to the dorm and played pool and foosball. I have decided that i am not really good at either but they can be fun. haha
I also made some new friends from China and Thailand. 

Yesterday was the entrance ceremony. We were supposed to get dressed up so i wore a nice summer dress. well apparently if your japanese you know to wear a suit, even girls. And some people wore their traditional clothes which was really interesting see. There were a couple speeches by students, the mayor of Beppu, APU prez and the Ritsumeikan trust prez. After the speeches there were some performances by danc and music groups. One group was really interesting and they used really fast hand motions!!
When it was over Michelle and I went to go walk out and all the circles, groups/clubs, were there and they were handing out flyers for their group. It was crazy because every group was talking to you at the same time and giving you paper!!

After the ceremony we came back and then went to dinner at the cafeteria with some friends. I think that was the night i tried nassu, which is eggplant, and it was delicious. After wards we can back to the dorm and talked then hung out in our friends room and drank. Apparently here you can drink, no matter how old, as long as its in your room. One of your friends from mexico brought Tequila with him. It is supposed to be a very good brand and another of our friends had Japanese beer. 
Our Korean friend taught us some Korean games so we played those while drinking, if you really call one beer drinking. 

Now on to today!!
So far i had Library orientation, it was crap. haha i just talked to my friends and was on facebook. After wards we went to lunch at the cafeteria then bought bus tickets. Then, again, we sat around and talked. While we were walking back to our dorm some other of our friends shouted out their window and invited us to haev tea. So we went their and drank tea and talked about drinking games haha. 

Apparently in Korea or Singapore they do not play beer pong or waterfall. So we all explained how to play different games to each other. Then we decided that one night we will have like a pot luck dinner and everyone will make food from their respective countries and we can all share. 

In about 20 min im going downtown with some friends to grocery shop then to dinner and maybe the bar? We don't know yet. These friends also decided that tomorrow probably we will all cook food together, hence the reason we are going grocery shopping. 

Well since I'm in a rush i will post the pictures either tonight when i get home or tomorrow when i get up. 


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