Saturday, April 10, 2010

Update of past 5 days

Ok im here to tell you about the last few days.
Im not going to go into to much depth because then this would take forever to write.

So on the 3rd. we went grocery shopping then i honestly don't remember what we did. Probably just hung out downstairs lol

On the 4th, sunday. i think thats the night we went into town and had okonomiyaki. which is a delicious pancake like thing that you cook on the grill in front of you. I suggest you google it. Then you will understand lol.

On monday the 5th we had a mandatory health checkup. They took our blood, tested us fro TB, needed a urine sample, took our height and weight then gave us a eye exam. it was at 8 am. funfun. After wards we went into Beppu again. Some of us wanted a normal sized pillow, they only gave us this small one filled with beans or something. When we got downtown there was a festival celebrating the onsens in the area. really interesting. Check out my pics on facebook!
I got a pillow and we looked around the mall and i think thats the night we made dinner in the dorms... or maybe when we had curry at CoCo ichibanya. My curry was delicious! it had cheese and a chicken cutlet on top.

On the 6th is when we went to the different onsens i think. they were so beautiful and I posted alot of pics on facebook so check them out. We had to travel to 6 different parks i think. Each one having a onsen and some sort of attraction like alligators or zoo animals. Ha i just remembered this is actually the night we had curry and the night before we cooked i think! haha

On the 7th we had a bunch of different guidances that were very boring.  And i honestly dont remember what we did that day either.

The 8th we signed up for classes and i got a bit screwed over because i couldn't really take business classes which is why i came here. But oh well! I know that night we went to the karaoke bar and had a lot of fun. It was about $25 per person for 3 hours with unlimited beer.

Yesterday I went into Oita with michelle and carlos. We walked around for a bit then ate a very traditional Japanese style restaurant. we counldnt read the menu and there was no pictures so i pointed at a item and asked "sakana desu ka?" meaning is this fish, she said no so i ordered it. And the result was DELICIOUS

We also ordered nassu gyoza which was eggplant dumplings. But it was the eggplant stuffed with the dumpling stuffing then deep fried! AMAZING!

Afterwards we did a little more grocery shopping. We run out of food very easily here.  Then i had kitchen duty for my floor so i had to clean. It wasn't too bad.

Today I woke up and michelle and i made fried potatoes and eggs just like we used to back at home! Then i went and looked at this little market they had on campus and tried some korean food and deep friend bananas covered in chocolate and nuts. And im not really sure what the plans are for tonight. 

I dont remeber what day we did this but we went to the mall with some more friends and looked around then and after wards we went to a sushi bar, i think. I didnt eat real sushi but i ate egg sushi i guess you can call it. It was egg on top of rice wrapped in a piece of seaweed. At the mall there was an arcade too.

i think thats everything but just to make sure I would read my roommates blog too. We may fill in some of each others blanks spots!

Well Ill try to keep up better for now on but i start classes on monday and hopefully will join a circle (club) so it may be difficult.

Love you,

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