Friday, April 16, 2010

First Week of Classes Done

Konnichiwa mina-san (hello everyone)

Well the first week of classes is finally over. It really wasn't that bad. I mean I'm only taking 4 classes.
After I posted on tuesday I just studied in the lobby with some friends.

Wednesday I had Multiculturalism and Society with Michelle. It seems like it will be very interesting but its 2 periods long, so over 3 hours, and It's hard to focus. Oh did i mention it start at 8:45! After class I went to gym orientation which you had to go to if you ever want to use the gym. Before I can use it though i need to get indoor shoes because the gym requires indoor shoes for inside....
and again studied
Young Kyung Studying

Thursday was the same as monday. Japanese, tea ceremony and economics. After words I had dinner with a friend because we got out of class early enough to make it to the cafeteria. Then we had a floor meeting that lasted two hours, they pretty much told us everything we already knew. Then they gave us ice cream.  Oh they also made us pay 1,000 en which is about $10 for kitchen sponges and soap, floor events and stuff like that. then of course afterwards I studied!!!

Today I had Japanese, lunch, nap and shower in that order too haha. Tonight I just plan to hang out with some friends since we don't see each other during the week because of classes.

Tomorrow I have a building event for my dorm. It's called Clean! Clean! Clean! feat. BBQ. haha i figured it would be a good way to meet people in my building.

Every night we study we meet new people. Usually Japanese people who are doing their English homework while we do our Japanese. Luckily everyone is nice enough to help each other out. Most of them speak English pretty well but they don't think they do. I had one girl on my floor ask me about the difference between "L" and "R". So I tried to to help her some by saying them and she was trying to repeat but it was a difficult process haha.

Oh the other day Michelle and I went to Pacific cafe instead of the cafeteria for lunch. It's just a little cafe on campus. I ordered a cheeseburger set (seen above). It came with a cheeseburger, fries, drink and salad. The burger... not so good. The fries were DELICIOUS! The salad was good but I was having difficulties eating it with that little fork haha.

I think thats really it.
OHH sorry about that lack of updated pictures. I've been trying for days now but every time it says "upload failed" so I've got to keep trying different way to upload them. I mean i have about 200 pics to put up!!

Ja (Later)

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